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Learn about a reliable and reputable house cleaning maid service provider

Maintaining your home clean and hygienic offers a wide variety of benefits. When you clean your home regularly, you are ensuring that everything is being kept in good shape and condition and, such a method of approach saves a lot of money because you do not need to spend huge amount of cash to replace carpets, furniture and many other household items. Ill-maintained homes always contain impurities, dust, pathogens, pollen, allergens and other types of bacteria and, it results in inferior indoor air quality. Such a situation makes highly vulnerable to a good number of health problems including allergies, infections and many other complications. The bottom line is that if you really love to breathe fresh air, you need to clean your home with the help of experienced and reliable house cleaning maid service Pearland providers.

Why should you hire us?

Sparkling Cleaning Services ( always go an extra mile to live up to the expectations of our customers. The real quality of a house cleaning made service can be analyzed on the basis of feedback of the existing customers and our large pool of existing customers always rate our services as truly superior and extremely affordable as well. As a trustworthy home cleaning company, we offer highly advanced cleaning solutions with utmost accountability and all our cleaning maids are properly insured, licensed, certified, trained and background-checked as well. They employ highly advanced tools and technology to make the cleaning process truly result oriented and timely completion can always be associated with our services.

Learn about our cleaning services

We offer a wide range of house cleaning maid services to meet the varying requirements of different people and they include:

1) Floor cleaning and treatment

2) Carpet cleaning and treatment

3) Mopping services

4) Glass cleaning and treatment

5) Furniture cleaning and treatment

6) Sanitary ware cleaning

7) Windows cleaning

8) Scrubbing services

9) Kitchen cleaning

10) Cabinet cleaning

11) Janitorial cleaning services

12) All other home/office related cleaning related tasks.


A fully customized cleaning package 

Our highly trained and experienced maids clean your cabinets inside out and they dust all surfaces including walls, blinds and windows using advanced equipment and technology. Sparkling Cleaning Services send only accomplished professionals to clean your floor, furniture, counter and shine sinks, electrical devices, countertop appliances, light switches, burners, wall outlets, stovetop surfaces, A/C grills and all other related items and, they also de-grease stovetops and burners in the best possible manner. Our services cannot be restricted to these aspects alone and we keep on modifying our cleaning services depending on your unique requirements. You can always expect a fully customized cleaning package when you hire us.

Environment-friendly cleaning solutions and flexible services 

As a part of our social commitment and, care and concern towards our customers, we are deeply committed to offer environment-friendly cleaning solutions and you do not need to worry about any side effects with our cleaning solutions. You can always associate maximum flexibility with our services and our professionals give utmost importance to your schedule and convenience to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Continuous training 

Our house cleaning maids undergo continuous training to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the cleaning industry and such a method of approach has played a very vital role in making our employees truly superior and updated.

Hassle free cleaning

When you contact us for house cleaning, we conduct detailed discussions to identify your exact requirements and our professionals also perform an inspection at your home/office before coming up with a customized cleaning plan. You can focus on your own top priorities and tasks without worrying about the cleaning process and 100% professionalism can always be associated with our trustworthy maids. We always ask you to sign a contract with us because such a method of approach helps you keep your home clean for a very long time.

As a reliable and reputable house cleaning maid service provider, Sparkling Cleaning Services offer a harmonious blend of quality and affordability and, the expertise and experience of our professionals cannot be matched at all. We have always succeeded in developing long lasting relationships with our clients and the feedback of our existing customers gives us the courage and conviction to march towards greater glory.

If you want to know more about house cleaning services, you can contact us today itself.

How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Car seats may be a hassle job to do for most of you. Cleaning car seats requires time. It can be expensive too, but today, you will learn how to clean your car seats using simple steps and guidelines that are easy and inexpensive at the same time. Interested? Seat back and relax and let’s do it!

Steps to follow


  1. Get a sprayer and place warm water inside the bottle.
  2. Spray the warm water on the seat, make sure that the seat is completely covered with warm water. But bear in mind that it must be of enough wetness, do not over saturate the car seats. Be careful not to spray it on wires of your cars. If accidently done, wipe the wire as soon as possible.
  3. Get your car seat cleaner and spray it to your car seat the same manner you did with spraying warm water.
  4. Leave the solvent to your seat for a few minutes.
  5. Set your car vacuum and thoroughly vacuum the car seats.
  6. Vigorously rub the vacuum to remove the dirt, the water and the cleaner.
  7. Get a clean cloth and wipe the area smoothly just to finish the cleaning.
  8. Then you are done cleaning your car seats!


Cleaning your car seats does not need to be expensive. You can even find ingredients in your kitchen that can actually do the work for you. If you don’t have budget to by car seat cleaner, don’t worry because this is one great solution to your problem.

  1. If you are planning to clean your car, the night before get two small cups of vinegar.
  2. Place them at the front and back seat this is to absorb the smells and odor that has been in your cars for months. Make sure to close the doors and windows of your car. And let the vinegar do the work.
  3. And in the morning, open your car and get the two cups of vinegar. Open your car windows and doors open and let the smell of vinegar escape from your car.
  4. Get your car vacuum and vacuum your interior, from carpet to dashboard.maxresdefault
  5. Now, get a basin and place a cup of warm water and place ¼ cup of baking soda. Spot your car seat stains. Get a toothbrush and use the solution and rub it against the stain.
  6. Leave the baking soda for at least 30 minutes. This will allow the baking soda to penetrate the stain.
  7. In a spray bottle, mix a detergent agent, ¼ cup of a white vinegar and warm water. Shake the bottle and set aside for 5 minutes.
  8. After 30 minutes from the time you placed baking soda to your car seats, get a clean cloth and damp it against the solution. Absorb as much water as possible.
  9. Now you can use your own mixture of car seat cleaner. Spray the mixture starting from the front seats, then at the back.
  10. Get your soft bristled brush and brush the area where you sprayed your mixture.
  11. Let the mixture seat for another 5 minutes.
  12. Now gat a clean cloth and damp it to the car seats. Let it absorb the excess mixture in your car seats.
  13. Then air dry for at least the whole day.
  14. You can spray car perfumes the next day. And now you have clean and fresh car seats!


Baby Bottles – How to Clean

Having a baby means being responsible with your actions especially in ensuring that your baby receives the best protection against bacteria. Babies are highly sensitive and needs direct care. Thus, it is very crucial to keep their things away from dirt in order to prevent any forms of infection. Babies can easily acquire various kinds of infection mainly because their immune systems are still immature and cannot fight back invaders in their body.


One of the important things that babies need is baby bottles. These are basically used for feeding and also for supplements. Bacteria can easily accumulate to baby bottles because they love to dwell in moist environment. Baby bottles are the things vital to be properly cleaned for their health. Cleaning a baby bottle may seem to be a simple task, but these require focus and should be routinely done.After purchasing baby bottles, make sure to sterilize them first before using. The things that you will need are dish soap, baby bottles, warm water, cold water, bottle brush and a container. Here are the desirable ways in cleaning baby bottles.

Get the large water container and fill it with water halfway full. Turn on the gas stove in and wait for the water to bubble which signifies boiling. This may take from 3-5 minutes, or depending on the water level.Prepare your baby bottles and place them on the sink then wash them one by one with water. Remove other bottle parts.Use a bottle brush dip into the dish soap and wash the bottles carefully. Also, make sure to wash other parts of the baby bottle like the nipple, bottle cover and the bottle collar. Using your bare hands is very effective in this cleaning process. You can also wash the baby bottles in a dishwasher if there are plenty to wash.Try to look back on the boiled water if it has reached to its boiling point then gradually put the bottles one at a time inside the pot including other parts such as nipples, bottle covers and bottle collars. Be careful not to burn your hands.If you are using water without chlorine in boiling, continue the boiling process for at least 5 to 10 minutes.


As soon as everything is adequately sterilized, carefully remove the bottles with its remaining parts, put it in a dish strainer and allow it to dry.Ensure that the baby bottles are properly sterilized. Wash the baby bottle right away with cool water after the feeding. Fill the baby bottle with cold water inside especially if you want to wash it later. Make sure to properly wash all areas and parts of the baby bottle. Pay special attention to the bottle collar and nipple as milk residue might accumulate these areas. Soak the baby bottle into a bowl filled with cold water and wait for the milk to cool down before feeding the baby.

How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves

Do you want a winning glove on your hand now? The key to that is keeping them dry and clean all the time. Here are some steps you can follow on how to clean your boxing gloves.

Step 1: Wear hand wraps

This item would help you in preventing  your glove from getting soaked with too much sweat. It absorbs the sweat that runs from your forearms down to the wrists and hands. Never wear a pair of gloves without them.


Step 2: Leave the gloves near the window

Leave the gloves just beside an open window to allow air to dry the sweat from your gloves. It will be left for a couple of days if winter season is around and merely a day during summer days. Be sure that every time you arrive at home from the gym, you hang your gloves right away. If this step has already been a habit you will be assured that there is no way that your friends would tease you for having a bad pair of gloves. Remember that it only works with the fresh breeze. Leaving them on the table or anywhere else would never work at all. But if there are really no windows at home, you can have this step modified by spreading your gloves widely.The item is available online or at your nearest sport shop (ranging from $10-$15). If you are running out of budget simply fill your long socks with cedar chips, and tape them afterwards.

Here is the process of doing the modified-glove dog

Fill the sock with cedar chips.Assess if the cedar chips fit well inside the socks. Remember not to put too much.Repeat step 2 until you get the desired amount.Securely tie knot the sock. Immediately wash your hand because it may for sure smell like a wood.Here is the thing that you have to remember in filling your socks: be sure that they are well filled by cedar chips until it touches the bottom part of the gloves but not to the point that it peeks out from the top. Surprisingly, the home made ones last longer compared to the ones you buy at the market.


Step 3: Dryer Sheets to the rescue

If it already is too late, don’t panic.  There is still something you can do to get rid of that stinky smell. Insert a fabric cloth or a dryer sheet inside the gloves.  It does not completely dry your soaked gloves but somehow it will help lessen the bad odor. Use a stick to guide your cloth get into the fingers of the gloves.