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How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Car seats may be a hassle job to do for most of you. Cleaning car seats requires time. It can be expensive too, but today, you will learn how to clean your car seats using simple steps and guidelines that are easy and inexpensive at the same time. Interested? Seat back and relax and let’s do it!

Steps to follow


  1. Get a sprayer and place warm water inside the bottle.
  2. Spray the warm water on the seat, make sure that the seat is completely covered with warm water. But bear in mind that it must be of enough wetness, do not over saturate the car seats. Be careful not to spray it on wires of your cars. If accidently done, wipe the wire as soon as possible.
  3. Get your car seat cleaner and spray it to your car seat the same manner you did with spraying warm water.
  4. Leave the solvent to your seat for a few minutes.
  5. Set your car vacuum and thoroughly vacuum the car seats.
  6. Vigorously rub the vacuum to remove the dirt, the water and the cleaner.
  7. Get a clean cloth and wipe the area smoothly just to finish the cleaning.
  8. Then you are done cleaning your car seats!


Cleaning your car seats does not need to be expensive. You can even find ingredients in your kitchen that can actually do the work for you. If you don’t have budget to by car seat cleaner, don’t worry because this is one great solution to your problem.

  1. If you are planning to clean your car, the night before get two small cups of vinegar.
  2. Place them at the front and back seat this is to absorb the smells and odor that has been in your cars for months. Make sure to close the doors and windows of your car. And let the vinegar do the work.
  3. And in the morning, open your car and get the two cups of vinegar. Open your car windows and doors open and let the smell of vinegar escape from your car.
  4. Get your car vacuum and vacuum your interior, from carpet to dashboard.maxresdefault
  5. Now, get a basin and place a cup of warm water and place ¼ cup of baking soda. Spot your car seat stains. Get a toothbrush and use the solution and rub it against the stain.
  6. Leave the baking soda for at least 30 minutes. This will allow the baking soda to penetrate the stain.
  7. In a spray bottle, mix a detergent agent, ¼ cup of a white vinegar and warm water. Shake the bottle and set aside for 5 minutes.
  8. After 30 minutes from the time you placed baking soda to your car seats, get a clean cloth and damp it against the solution. Absorb as much water as possible.
  9. Now you can use your own mixture of car seat cleaner. Spray the mixture starting from the front seats, then at the back.
  10. Get your soft bristled brush and brush the area where you sprayed your mixture.
  11. Let the mixture seat for another 5 minutes.
  12. Now gat a clean cloth and damp it to the car seats. Let it absorb the excess mixture in your car seats.
  13. Then air dry for at least the whole day.
  14. You can spray car perfumes the next day. And now you have clean and fresh car seats!


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