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Baby Bottles – How to Clean

Having a baby means being responsible with your actions especially in ensuring that your baby receives the best protection against bacteria. Babies are highly sensitive and needs direct care. Thus, it is very crucial to keep their things away from dirt in order to prevent any forms of infection. Babies can easily acquire various kinds of infection mainly because their immune systems are still immature and cannot fight back invaders in their body.


One of the important things that babies need is baby bottles. These are basically used for feeding and also for supplements. Bacteria can easily accumulate to baby bottles because they love to dwell in moist environment. Baby bottles are the things vital to be properly cleaned for their health. Cleaning a baby bottle may seem to be a simple task, but these require focus and should be routinely done.After purchasing baby bottles, make sure to sterilize them first before using. The things that you will need are dish soap, baby bottles, warm water, cold water, bottle brush and a container. Here are the desirable ways in cleaning baby bottles.

Get the large water container and fill it with water halfway full. Turn on the gas stove in and wait for the water to bubble which signifies boiling. This may take from 3-5 minutes, or depending on the water level.Prepare your baby bottles and place them on the sink then wash them one by one with water. Remove other bottle parts.Use a bottle brush dip into the dish soap and wash the bottles carefully. Also, make sure to wash other parts of the baby bottle like the nipple, bottle cover and the bottle collar. Using your bare hands is very effective in this cleaning process. You can also wash the baby bottles in a dishwasher if there are plenty to wash.Try to look back on the boiled water if it has reached to its boiling point then gradually put the bottles one at a time inside the pot including other parts such as nipples, bottle covers and bottle collars. Be careful not to burn your hands.If you are using water without chlorine in boiling, continue the boiling process for at least 5 to 10 minutes.


As soon as everything is adequately sterilized, carefully remove the bottles with its remaining parts, put it in a dish strainer and allow it to dry.Ensure that the baby bottles are properly sterilized. Wash the baby bottle right away with cool water after the feeding. Fill the baby bottle with cold water inside especially if you want to wash it later. Make sure to properly wash all areas and parts of the baby bottle. Pay special attention to the bottle collar and nipple as milk residue might accumulate these areas. Soak the baby bottle into a bowl filled with cold water and wait for the milk to cool down before feeding the baby.

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