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How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves

Do you want a winning glove on your hand now? The key to that is keeping them dry and clean all the time. Here are some steps you can follow on how to clean your boxing gloves.

Step 1: Wear hand wraps

This item would help you in preventing  your glove from getting soaked with too much sweat. It absorbs the sweat that runs from your forearms down to the wrists and hands. Never wear a pair of gloves without them.


Step 2: Leave the gloves near the window

Leave the gloves just beside an open window to allow air to dry the sweat from your gloves. It will be left for a couple of days if winter season is around and merely a day during summer days. Be sure that every time you arrive at home from the gym, you hang your gloves right away. If this step has already been a habit you will be assured that there is no way that your friends would tease you for having a bad pair of gloves. Remember that it only works with the fresh breeze. Leaving them on the table or anywhere else would never work at all. But if there are really no windows at home, you can have this step modified by spreading your gloves widely.The item is available online or at your nearest sport shop (ranging from $10-$15). If you are running out of budget simply fill your long socks with cedar chips, and tape them afterwards.

Here is the process of doing the modified-glove dog

Fill the sock with cedar chips.Assess if the cedar chips fit well inside the socks. Remember not to put too much.Repeat step 2 until you get the desired amount.Securely tie knot the sock. Immediately wash your hand because it may for sure smell like a wood.Here is the thing that you have to remember in filling your socks: be sure that they are well filled by cedar chips until it touches the bottom part of the gloves but not to the point that it peeks out from the top. Surprisingly, the home made ones last longer compared to the ones you buy at the market.


Step 3: Dryer Sheets to the rescue

If it already is too late, don’t panic.  There is still something you can do to get rid of that stinky smell. Insert a fabric cloth or a dryer sheet inside the gloves.  It does not completely dry your soaked gloves but somehow it will help lessen the bad odor. Use a stick to guide your cloth get into the fingers of the gloves.

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